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Potential Mm Replacements


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I know everybody wants a new OC and I agree with you all. I think MM is an average coordinator that we win with despite his offense shortcomings. He does know how to utilize a team with little talent but can't keep up with the changing pace of the game and TD. Weems, Meier, Quizz, Palmer, Mughelli, and Smith are hardly used as weapons. They might as well not suited up.

Give Belichick this many weapons and he would be salivating. Even Payton and McCarthy would have a field day. Just having Roddy, Tony, Julio, HD, and Ryan is intimidating. So since this seems to be a constant thought on here, I wanted to know of who is available, NFL and NCAA wise.

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don't ask me, that's just what I read

How is Haley on the hot seat already? They were just in the playoffs and his guys are dropping like flies out there. It's not his fault.

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afc.pngAFC West Blog

Sound-off: Todd Haley's future

September, 20, 2011

By Bill Williamson

There has been talk that Kansas City coach Todd Haley may be on the hot seat.

What do Chiefs’ fans think? Do you think the Chiefs should consider firing him after opening the season with back-to-back losses in which they were outscored by a total of 89-10?

Do you think Haley has lost this team and he needs to be replaced or do you think the incredible rash of injuries the Chiefs have suffered and the Chiefs’ success under Haley last year should buy him more time?

Hit my mailbag with your thoughts. I will post some of your responses later in the week.

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1. Todd Haley, Kansas City Chiefs coach: Haley is reportedly on the hot seat after the Chiefs have looked as bad as any team in the NFL in the first two weeks. The Chiefs have been outscored 89-10. Haley was a coach of the year candidate last season when he led the Chiefs to a 10-6 record, but there has been talk he could be bounced during the season. His fall has been swift and hard.

That's a shame. Well if they fire him, I hope he comes here. That would be a great pick up. He had that Cardinals offense and even the Chiefs offense looking good. He was in charge of passing plays in Dallas before Arizona. Plus, he was born in Atlanta. Come home Haley lol

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He is a fiery coach, I will say that. But I think we need that compared to MM's boring approach. Bring some life to the sideline but keep him in line, kind of like BB did McDaniel. He had that Cardinals offense firing on all cylinders and had them produce 3 1000 yard WRs en route to the SB that they almost won. He even had Dwayne Bowe lead the league in touchdowns. Some coaches are strictly coordinators. He may be one of them but the toolshed is stocked to the brim here and could be enticing.

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Wow. A Falcons offense with all our weapons and NO Mularkey. Instead we have a real offensive guru at the helm! Some one who can exploit our explosive talent instead of smothering it under a suffocating blanket of 1990's schemes. Words fail. The mind boggles...

I know right. I can already see the potential. and I'm willing to bet that if we really did use our talents and became truly explosive, our defense would be top 5 cause then they could gamble more

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