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Did The Boards Crash During/after The Game?


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Guest Absconditus

We are the ONLY NFL message board that this happens to. No other boards around the league has this problem. I was on the Eagles' message board seconds after the game ended and it never crashed once yet this place crashes when UGA loses a game. I just don't understand it.

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There is probably not a server out there that can handle the level of meltdown this fanbase can muster.

Not too sure about that. I was so amped after the game and our board was SNAFU, so I went to the Eagles board just to see their reaction. They were in complete melt down, one guy started a thread "If I saw Dunta Robinson on the street I would shoot him between the eyes", most were just funny in their pissing and moaning (a few were actually not crazy) as crazy as that sounds for an Eagle's fan.....but the point is they have the same board mock up as us and at the bottom I saw roughly 739 users at the time, in between crashes after the game we were averaging 300-500 and their board ran smooth as silk the entire time. This is a bandwidth\server issue. They should pay the money to have it working correctly.....it has been on going for years.

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