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Vick Get's Creamed, Falcons Beat Philly, I'm Happy.why Aint You?

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Call me sick if you guys want to, The only way I could have been happier is If Dunta Robinson had land that so call dirty hit on Vick instead of Maclin. I will never forgive Vick for making me watch Joey flecking Harrington throwing the ball for the falcons... I'm still having flash back to when they announce that Joey freaking Harrington was gonna start for the Falcons...

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last season, the Falcons FOUND a way to win,no matter what..they had quite a few 'ugly' games if y'all remember, but we always found a way to win. That's GREAT, but I would feel SO much better if for ONCE we could build a commanding lead and hold it throughout the game, in other words, a good old fashioned blowout against a decent team. I swear these guys are gonna give me a coronary one of these days...

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a win is a win.... Yeah maybe the outcome wouldv'e been different, but philly's defense

didn't give up just because Vick went out. Give our offense some credit. Matt Ryan took a beating

and still found a way to get it done. Some of you "fans" complain more when they win than when they lose.

I agree, but who's to say. Vick had 3 TOs by himself. It probably would have been better if he had in fact came back healthy.

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