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About A Year And A Half Later...(An Example Of A Story I'm Writing)

Knight of God

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My memory isn't bad or anything, just that time is either spaced out or bunched together. Not sure which memories are real or imagined, so much sleep deprivation, hunger, and thirst that I know for sure that I spent a lot of time in a state of delirium. I'm just giving this a try cause this guy who claimed to have been a therapist says that its good for us Scavengers. They call him Doc, but I say he's full of it straight up. Just enjoying good meals, security, and a better possibility of getting some. This isn't about him though, its supposed to be about me, but I just can't wrap my mind around the fact that the only available notebook was an unused little girl's diary with a flippin plush puppy with doggy ears poofing out on the front. Then I'm actually trying to write with a green (ish) colored pencil. I'll try and tell this best I can, but I wasn't very good at writing in school and I don't really want to now. Not to mention I think I may already be getting arthritis at the age of 32. Well at least I was 31 when the world went black anyways.

It was Valentine's Day. I had no one special, but that is not the point. I was working that day, no more or less than any day. I was good at my job too, there is no denying that fact. It had been my third year as a contractor and already I was making a fortune, I thought I was big stuff with my brand new Chevy 3500 HD Commercial Pick-Up. I also had a guy working for me who had fallen short in the NFL after being drafted in the second round at offensive guard. Nice kid though. Just wasn't real swift. He made the mistake of slamming his offensive coordinator in his mouth with his helmet and ending up serving 18 months down state. He came to me through a friend of a friend and I decided to give him a shot. He did well, so I paid him well.

You know, thinking back I didn't watch a lot of T.V. and even though I had NPR playing on the radio I never listened. I just smoked my Swisher Sweets and talked to Paul about football all of the time. He dreamed of getting another shot, but his agent only brought news of Arena League and Paul never saw himself as the next Kurt Warner. I think its funny now, no one will be it seems. Paul was actually the one to tell me that he had heard about some "funny stuff" as he put it. Guys were pulling out of the wars in the Middle east and there had been a cease fire, but it was hardly televised or on the news as anything but rumor. He said that he had seen it online, but I just wasn't all that interested. Paul would say a lot of things just to make convo so I ignored him. We had what was supposed to be a very short and easy job at a trailer park. Check the septic tank on a trailer and change two faucets completely. Okay, so pay me to do nothing right? How about my whole life changed right then and there.

When we got to the place we were taken off guard a little. There were two police cars and an ambulance. "Wow" I said, "I hope it isn't the address we were going to." Two officers had a guy down and were telling him to relax. You could hear all of the chaos as we pulled up to a stop. They were blocking our path and no directions were being made by any officers. I saw to EMT's taking a woman with big 80's hair to the back of the emergency vehicle, an officer holding a gun steady on the frantic guy on the ground, and another screaming at everyone to stand back. It was like a bad scene from "Cops". Paul said he wanted a better look, I just wanted money and to scram as soon as possible, but the guy could be super curious when he wanted to be. He got out of the truck to get closer and see what was going on when I heard someone say, "What's wrong with Willie? He wouldn't harm a fly! Is he own some bad stuff from that VA hospital?" At that precise moment I heard one of the officers shout in pain and say, "Man that hurt! Jerk bit me dude!" an EMT rushed over to him with a First Aid kit and before he could be treated he hit the guy on the ground with a hard fist to the back and then helped to throw him in the patrol car.

All that commotion was dizzying, but something just told me to stay in the truck. A few moments later I saw the lady who had been rushed into the ambulance start vomiting. "Okay." I thought, "I may have to come back some other time." Paul was still out there, he turned back to look at me and said very loud, "Man, that guy just took a chunk out of a cop AND his wife earlier! Got her on her arm and thigh! She's in bad shape man! Pull up!" I shook my head and said, "Paul get yourself in this truck man! I'm not kidding! Something's going down and if that's the case, us black guys hate being around for it!" I had already thrown the truck in reverse and was going to leave Paul. My skin was crawling and that usually only happens before a rotten date, or I do maintenance on someone's home who is crawling with roaches.

Paul looked at me, then back at the parade of crazy that was taking place. He shook his head and said, "Come on Simon! Come on and let's just do this job man!" I pulled myself out of the window and said, "Its time to go fool! Get in the danged car now, I mean it!" Paul waved me off and said, "You go and I'll do the job." I paused and stared at Paul, I had a feeling it would be the very last time I saw him.

Before I could pull off, something was on my mind like a twisted storyline or play that I had read or seen. Like a television show That was poorly cast and a wildly moving camera on a low budget set. I couldn't quite grapple what it was, but the emotion was there and scary as it was I couldn't move. I saw the woman fall from the ambulance and onto the pavement. Just flopped down like a dead thing in summertime. She started convulsing and moving viciously while on the ground causing scrapes and cuts on her paste-like skin. I automatically thought drugs and I still believe those EMT's thought so too as they tried so desperately to help her. That's when I saw Paul run over to help them with her. Then the unthinkable, she stopped twitching and the paramedic placed his head on her chest, then touched her neck and chin and started shaking his head as if to say, "No." I started backing slowly, but Paul never looked up. I saw him place his hand over her eyes and the EMT's then started making preparations to move her.

I was just about to call Paul's name when as if struck by lightning the woman grabbed Paul's wrist, and pulled him down taking a chunk out of his neck. I yelled out, "Paul!" Paul struggled and screamed as if a young child or woman. He kept screaming as he shoved her face away from his neck. As he pushed, you could see skin, muscle, and whatever else being separated from his body. Blood was everywhere in an instant. I fought with the gears putting the truck into park and getting out of the seat belt. It felt like minutes, but it was a couple of seconds. I ran to where he was with my wrench. An officer pulled her away, then found his wrist in her mouth. I couldn't tell right away if that were his or Paul's blood around the woman's mouth. I was almost to Paul before I looked in the squad car and I saw an officer pinned down in the back seat with the woman's husband on top of him...mauling him ferociously.

Paul was now laying back taking shallow breaths looking off into the sky, then the gunshots and the woman assailant was down on the ground. I screamed, "Officer down in the interceptor! Officer down. Two officers ran over shouting expletives and letting off rounds. I started talking to Paul as I heard the chaos and screams in the background. In moments Paul had stopped breathing. "What am I going to tell his family I thought to myself." Then I heard, "HEEEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!!" coming from the very officer who shot the woman. She had his ankle and calf and was ripping into his leg, but I was made worried about the 3 shots that were center mass in her chest. I said, "Oh no. This can't be happening." I ran back to my truck and left. I left quickly nearly plowing into everything thing and anything and not on purpose. There was chaos at every turn. I just couldn't figure it out. This looked as though something had been happening, but how didn't I know. I had to have known, but what was missing that caused me to be so oblivious. More than that, why hadn't Paul listened to me earlier?

Diary Page by Simon Ford. Survivor and Community Field Coordinator of Mission Camp in West Sector Wilderness, Canada

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