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Ryan And The No Huddle Offense

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In the game last week against the Bears, there was much criticism of Ryan when he went into the no huddle and not only was unable to deliver, but maybe hurt his team more by lessening the resting time for a Defense already back on it's heels.

On the other hand, all the complaints over offensive play calling are suddenly answered as Ryan came out with the no huddle offense again, but this time was very successful late in game. Endless post are now praising Ryan for his masterful orchestration of the offense in the quick tempo no huddle and calling for him to take the reigns of the "Ferrari offense".

There is only a little detail people have missed, aside from a below average performance so far this season (45.8 QBR where 50 is average), RYAN WAS NOT CALLING THE PLAYS IN NO HUDDLE. Here is excerpt from today's story in ESPN blog:

Yeah, things seemed to go a little better once the Falcons went to the no-huddle offense, but offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey isn’t going to be out of a job anytime soon.

“No, no, no, no,’’ Ryan said when asked if he should call the plays from now on. “Mike does a great job for us, and that’s for sure.’’

Ryan finished with only 195 total passing yards while completing 17 of 28 passes. His main target was tight end Tony Gonzalez. At this stage of his career, Gonzalez isn’t really a downfield threat. He caught seven passes for 83 yards and two touchdowns, including a spectacular one-handed grab in the back of the end zone.

Ryan is currently 19th QB in league and dead last in NFC South division. Cam Newtom is 16th, Freeman is 12th, and finally Brees is 8th overall (as per QBR)

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Your excerpt does not say that Matt Ryan was not calling the plays in the no huddle. Second, OF COURSE he is going to say Mularkey is doing a good job. What is he supposed to say "No I hope we can his a** after the season"? Why do you spend your time on this site for Falcons fans trying to convince US that our players aren't very good? Get a life..... Go flip "lil A" for a lil while.

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First, QBR? Seriously? Anything Dilfer helped develop to make him look better and rewards the quarterback for throwing interceptions if there was enough risk/reward factor involved is just plain stupid and should be ignored no matter how much ESPN tries to push it. Second, the Bears at Soldier Field are a very different team than when they play elsewhere and that Cover 2 forces you to pass short and the Eagles secondary is among the best, if it isn't the best, in the league. Is shouldn't be that surprising he hasn't put huge numbers yet.

Anyway, I agree with this in having Ryan go no huddle far more often. The offense moves much better, more aggressively, is more explosive, and, I think is more important, the O-line doesn't fall apart as rapidly under the no huddle. You see flashes of Peyton and Brady when Ryan is allowed to call the shots. Mularkey has done well to teach him how to run the no huddle and other hurry up offenses and he needs to realize the team will in a much better position to win with the shackles off of Ryan. ****, if he needs a selfish reason to do it then consider the job offers he'll get in the offseason if Ryan goes off on a tear running the no huddle most of the time.

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