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First of all i'll start off by calling out all the doubters, haters, naysayers, trolls, and everyone else.


falconinPA-please leave no one likes your negative attitude

jedi-eat some crow

Chris Collingsworthless-don't forget to pick up your check from the eagles

The 2 live stewpids

mike greenburg

lomas brown

Keyshawn Johnson

Michael "the crackhead" Irvin

Pat Yasinskas

Daddys Home

Phalcon Phil




the dude abides



MR#2=the dookie








BCEagleATLFalcon-have your crow as you said you would eat


Gritz-you changed your pick but you still get on the list for doubting first


Brutha Mike

#1 Pick

high impact



NEWton rivERA


Bring it



Lord Draakus

Any many more...I will keep looking and add people as needed.

Some things i heard last week.

Still think Jerry is a bust already? Why don't you let him finish a season 100% and pass judgment.

Ray Edwards is bad...right? Well everyone the season is longer than 1 game. Glad edwards stepped up and shut you up.

Keep hating on Matt Ryan and he will continue to shut you up. Oh and by the way that was #14 comeback wins for Matty Ice.

TG is old....Well i guess him carrying guys on his back into the endzone is old and that catch.... Not many players in the NFL could do that. He is the GOAT and do not disrespect him.

Some other things i would like to point out.

Malarky still sucks i will admit. BVG i dont know if its his fault or people missing assignments but i think its a mixture of both.

Vick showed that he hasnt matured. Can vick ever walk out of the dome and not interact with the crowd either by running his mouth or flicking them off?

Football is 4 quarters. Not 3 and a half. Someone tell vick that.

For a minute i thought andy reid lied about vick being hurt and actually he ate him. You know andy loves dark meat.

Sam baker and matt bosher. You two guys are horrible. I honestly think i could step in for baker and do better. Bosher can't mess up like that but you know what weems thats 2 games in a row that you let the ball roll to the one. That is horrible.

I noticed that besides the missed assignment in the endzone which is inexcusable grimes barely got thrown at. Finally he gets some respect.

TG is my player of the game but C4 Moore made the biggest play of the game and for the state of Georgia

Also after reading through the thread from last week. USAF HART basically predicted the game. So props to him.

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I've already stated on another thread that I've been eating crow since the end of the game and how hard it was to do so with my foot in my mouth. So..... :angry: DO SOME RESEARCH FIRST BUDDY! Anywho, I've seen many, many years of let downs and this is the first time I had to endure the crow buffet. I have learned......it aint over til the fat lady sings, so tell your wife to stay home.

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Guess this puts us Nancies in our place...

Did you make a call out thread for all the predictions that we were gonna roll over the Bears week 1?

now why would they do that?

it isn't personal with them, they are the true fans because they have rose colored glasses on.

ryan is going to take a beating this year, i hope he can stay healthy

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BCEagleATLFalcon-have your crow as you said you would eat

I'm enjoying an overflowing plate. I really just had a bad feeling about this one (had predicted it as a loss when the schedule came out, and Chicago did nothing to change that view). To our boys, I'm sorry I doubted. There is still plenty to work on, but that was one h*ll of a football game.

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What's my crow for? The concerns I have about the team still remains. Our O-line is weak, our defense is average, and we have problems on special team. A win doesn't erase my concern because they definitely wasn't fixed or showed any progress toward being fixed.

i agree but most likely you either said we have no chance at winning or you predicted that the eagles blow us out. Give credit where it is due that is all im saying.

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