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What A Game!


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Okay first things first, the interception clearly hit the turf BUT in 2008 the end of the game we had a play which clearly should have been reviewed from up stairs in the last two minutes but didn't get reviewed so i think were even on bad calls now.

#2, Michael Vick's return to Atlanta was the story of the week. He looks like the same old Vick to me, i have seen him have good games in the pocket before (2006 steelers game) our defense did a good job keeping him from breaking big runs and pounded him in the pocket, vick's biggest weakness is his ball control which it always has been, i wanted to see our defense swipe it from vick and they did. We need to beat up on QBs like that week in and week out, that will get you a championship. Im not saying give every QB we face a concussion and i dont wish injury on anyone but to pressure QBs the way we pressured Vick is what you want to do to every QB we face.

The Defense, we have talent on our defense i just dont know about BVG, they were amped for that game last night but BVG actually coached a good game i gotta give the man credit, as much as i have hounded on him in the past.

Bright Stars;

I think Matt Ryan had the biggest game of his career so far. The spot light was on Vick, many people doubted Ryan and Ryan had to prove to the world the GA dome was his home. Despite 2 interceptions and a constnat beating Matty was taken, he came out in the 4th qtr and delivered for his team against a great defense. He is starting to look like the come back kid John Elway out there with his poise, matty ice melted in chicago but at the home opener he stayed ice cold despite the constant abuse.

Michael Turner had another 100 yard rushing game, anyone who wanted to trade Turner for a nickel is an idiot, i told you then and he's showing you now.

Our offense will be dangerous they're just working out the kinks, Julio Jones is looking worth the trade, Tony G looked like the one that played Kansas City, and Roddy White will soon get some attention taken off him and become a dangerous weapon, 35 points on the eagles defense is not an easy task.

Our defense-they were pumped for this game, i wish they would get pumped like that every game but Ray Edwards is starting to look like a star and our D line is improving, secondary looked slightly better but still have a lot of work to do. Our linebackers are the strength of our defense. I also must say they tackled way better. The eagles offense is pretty explosive and they made some big plays but despite how many yards we gave up i think we looked decent on defense, we went back to ball hawking which is our defenses biggest strength.

Dunta Robinson-I don't care what those a-holes in the press box or anyone else that's never put on a set of pads thinks, that's how u play football! I may even change my name from miller2rison to robinson2eaglesWRs ;)

last but not least i have got to give major, major props to the ga dome crowd! that is the loudest i have ever heard the dome while i was watching on tv, havn't been to a game since the vick days and last night looked like it had that atmosphere once again.

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