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Apparent Truths About This Falcons Team After Week Two


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1. We are not tough enough on the line of scrimmage to run Mularkey's style of offense. I have defended Mularkey, sure he is predictable, but it does not matter if you can batter the opponent into submission. We just cannot inflict our will on anyone. Not in the NFL. Not at this time. Therefore we need to trick them. Mularkey does not play the trick em game very well. We better stick to no-huddle and let Ryan run the offense. If he lives we will win. He will run for his life. He will take a beating. There will be happy feet. Big strong fast people are trying to kill him and no-one much tries to stop them. Thank God Ryan is tough.

2. Stephen Nicholas is a very good linebacker(total Beast). Him and Lofton have come into their own and are high quality.

3. Weatherspoon has a lot of work to do to be considered starting quality.

4. Sam Baker is not good. Ryan will be lucky to live-see number one.

5. We have a serious punter problem. SERIOUS!

6. Biermann needs to do the kick-offs-see number 5.

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Weatherspoon is playing good football covering players from one side of the field to the next in man coverage. Also, he is decent in the run game. he has been in the league a little over a year. Name me one outside linebacker in the last 5 years that is asked to cover, play the run, and rush? Biermann was not the only one on kick off a lot of the starters are on the kick off. Rodney Harrison said that they had half the defensive starters on their kick off team to set a tone for the game.

By no means am I going to defend Baker, but that wide nine is a he77 of a defensive split to have to defend. I think that with the talent he has on the line it'll be unstoppable. Look at the guys that he has got contracts for(albert, babin, venden bosch, kearse who was a flop in philly) obviously it works wonders. Baker is a, and will be a great RT when we get his replacement that is his more natural position in the league.

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1. Mularkey like's to do a lot of running plays except when it's working well then he likes to trick them up by passing especially when we are having no luck passing. I have never been a fan of his I have seen to many bonehead moves and a terrible RedZone Offense for to many years under his leadership. That said Dimitroff is trying to completely change the style of game we play by trying to mimic the big play offense of the 2001 Rams. Why he is using a Defensive Coach and a Pound the Ball OC to do this is beyond me.

2. Did you watch last night's game? Stephen Nicholas was beat many times last night on the edge, he is out of position and biting on every fake. This is more than reason enough to put Peterson back in.

3. I completely disagree with you, I think Weatherspoon has more potential he just needs to learn to tackle, but Nicholas is missing a lot of skills like play recognition, awareness, ability to pick the angle needed to stop the plays to the corner.

4. Yes Sam Baker had a bad scouting report but Dimitroff traded to get him anyway and now like many of his personnel moves it's biting him in the ***.

5. Another one of Dimitroff's bad personnel moves, he let a great punter/kicker go to one of our NFC South Rivals and now our special teams has gone to ****.

6. Funny.

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I'd have to agree through 2 games on numbers 4 & 5. Baker has looked terrible and so has our rookie punter. Did this kid have a strong leg in college? Don't you usually draft a guy because he's got a strong leg? I really haven't seen it.

I did notice that after that pathetic 18 yard punt from our endzone, he kicked the next two kick offs into the endzone. But sorry, I've got nothing good to say about Baker.

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Here's the way I look at it :

- Dunta needs to be replaced with Kelvin Hayden ( 1 pick in his first game, Dunta has like 1 pick in almost 2 years, you do the math )

- Weems needs to quit burying us deep in our own territory

- OLine needs to do what they get paid for.. PROTECT THE QB! If they don't then it's gonna be a Chris Redman year

- Julio needs to work on his drops and bring in the deep passes throw his way

- Matt needs to live up to his "Matty Ice" nickname and quit getting rattled in the pocket

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I don't agree with your point about Witherspoon. Against the Bears, he made al lot of tackles and against the eagles he was making some plays as well. He's only in his second year and coming back from an injury that kept him out of some games last year, his rookie year.,He's starting to show that he will beocme a premier outside linebacker in the years to come. Be patient! This is still a young team that has room to grow and time to grow. Something that we Falcons fans must work on is having more patience and we need to try to see the good as far as this team is concerned, even when they lose a game or two. But this was a tremendous win for the team, a real ego boost that they sorely needed and one that will create some momentum going against TB. GO FALCONS!

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