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Im Disappointed

Chi City Falcon

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in myself as a fan. For 3 quarters last night philly had a big upper hand in everything except the score. I was sensing the energy seeping out of the building and disappearing from our team. I was seeing Ryan taking a beating, wondering where his old self had gone.

then i remembered we typically suck in the 3rd.

4th quarter comes around and I see a look of determination on Ryans face. we took the lead and never looked back.

This isnt an analysis of how we played or how "lucky" we got, I just wanted to say publicly im disappointed in myself for losing hope so early in the game(late 3rd quarter). I know a lot of others did the same.

And thank God for the win!

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Ryan has been getting pressured for the past 2 weeks. The eagles has a insane secondary that makes it very hard to pass into. Just like the bears they could rush 4 and sit and wait for the pass.

In other words our oline needs to get better, before we can expect Ryan to. If not Turner is gonna have a million touches because its the only thing we do when we try and save Ryan a hit.

That game wasnt out best performance by far. But the oline is getting their tail kicked out there. Baker had 1 of the worst games ive seen in a long time.

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