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How Do You Guys Feel About Decoud Not Starting?

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I think James played a good game considering he's only been here for about 3wks. In time he will be a major upgrade.

Exactly. I know Dunta was expecting help, and maybe he should have had it but at this stage I'm not convinced he's not making the mistakes out there. Either way I can live with a Sanders error at this stage since he's new to the scheme.

I tweeted that I was shocked to see DeCoud not starting though. I knew his seat was getting warm but I didnt know it was that hot.

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What do I think about the execution of DeCloud? I'm all for it.

I was so happy to see Sanders on the field. Hayden too.

I'm really digging the new sense of urgency from Smitty.

He struggled with that in his first three seasons coddling players like Crisp Houston, Busterson, Chevis Regal and DeCloud.

His benching skills are getting much better. He still ain't on the Reeves or Glanville level though. He needs to bench SackMakerBaker by Wednesday's practice.

I promise you Svitek would be better.

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