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The Ups And The Downs

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First off Ill start by saying although Matt made some bad throws, it seemed like he was fighting against the playcalling most of the first 3 quarters.....what I mean by that is the fact that although roddy and Julio are what most consider the best tandem in the league, the people lining up opposite are also of that calibur....So one would think that our gameplan would have been to pound the ball down their throats and use a 4th and 5th option to spread them out and take advantage of better matchups

Ways that could be done.....line up with 3 wide, a Te, and speed back Jaquizz Rogers....send Roddy, Harry and Julio out Drawing away the eagles 3 stud corners and leaving Gonzo and Jaquizz one on one with plenty and I mean plenty of real estate.....This does two things......Opens up the field and gives us mismatches like crazy and more importantly would have gotten all the rushers out of the box that were ripping apart matt and our terrible line all game.......instead mularkey defaults to all he knows and the thing he got praise for 3 years ago and still gets a chubby over it.....

If I could tell Mularkey one thing it would be to either get it together or get lost....I honestly believe that Matt Ryan must have stepped in for Mularkey in the fourth when we had two drives of 80 yds ending in touchdowns........ I mean his failure (mularkey) will be overshadowed by our comeback win but honestly what in your repertoire leads you to believe that lining up in two wr sets the entire game while matt is consistently getting killed play in and out and trying to force the ball in consistently to one of the best corners in the nfl on either side of the field.......It was like he had something he was trying to prove which was ridiculous.......I think his logic was that his line was so shaky that he needed to keep the extra blockers in through the form of a back and a TE but all that did was bring more confusion, more bodies in the box and plays right into the eagles exotic blitz schemes. Its alot easier to read the coverage and figure out where the rush is coming from when theres 4 or 5 wide. this would have gotten an additional 2 or 3 men out of the box and there Defense would have had 7 DBS which would have left a 4 man rush, maybe five in some situations...Matt would have seen the rush a ton more clearly and if they chose to bring in more rush, then matt could get the ball out quick and I think things would have improved drastically.....Why not run a 4 wide set, heck run a 5 wide with gonzo and rogers out as receivers........ we do but run up the middle, and throw 10 yd outs....still all this talk of explosiveness....can someone remind me of how many times matt has even attempted a deep ball.....our wide receivers have to be able to win a jump ball 50% of the time..... we finally ran a play action pass and it was successful....finally brough a 3rd receiver in and successsful...gave rogers the ball and it was successful......why have ovie and turner in the box all game and tony on the line trying to block allowing the eagles add 3 more heads to the box all game when they were just pummeling us.....the worse it got, the more lame we got..............which was just fueling the fire............mularkey is absolutely terrible. We played just how the eagles wanted us too, and not only that, how they expected us too.......teams can watch film on us and they have our offense figured out and the time we are successful is when were down and we switch things up.

Why do we play like we are up by twenty when were down by four with 13 mins left?

Why did we punt it to Desean?

Why Dont we ever go Deep?

Why do we not involve HD, WEEMs, Rogers, Snelling?

Why dont we ever run 4 wide? empty backfield? Dual HB? Triple HB? Why dont we ever do trick plays or end arounds? Flea Flickers?

How come we never run shotgun so ryan can see the field better

Why does our punter suck so terrible and why wouldnt we resign koenan?

How many Slow pitch softaball picks are going to float through Decoud/Moores hands this year before they make a ******** play?

Ive spoken about how bad I want a ballhawking safety Still do now even more

Well with all the questions I have a few answers! Thank god for Sanders/Hayden Hayden already has a bigger impact in the D in a few plays than most have had in 3 years! Sanders looked good to me I thought

The Defense and Van Gorder Did a decent job of containing vick they really did.......Turnovers hurt us, and Turnovers really helped us.....Ill tell you what we are extremely lucky to get a win here....extremely

Without the Turnovers and if Vick didnt fumble and get injured...Honest to god we would have lost by 40 points

Which poses the question.....why doesnt mularkey realize when we are playing good offenses and have a need to score fourty points?

when is there ever urgency for this guy.....Hes still calling f'ing Draw plays on 1 down and 20 with 14 mins left when we are down ten points!!!!!!

I really think they should allow Matt Ryan More ability to run the play calls......I honestly trust him and I want to congratulate Matt Ryan because he had a **** of a **** game.

I think his mistakes were more due to the playcalling than his ability because he had to start forcing balls because although mularkey didnt, ryan realized the urgency! Our offense only really looked good and explosive when ryan was running it......in hurry up......I mean we pretty much scored at will but why wait until we almost lose to pull out our weapons? Its baffling to me and extremely annoying. Sam thing last week..we only turned it up the last few drives...........the rest of the game was on turner and checkdown cruise control.......you saw what happened when you wait last week, you never catch up if you make even one failure of a drive and this week thank god we didnt, thank god vick was out and gave us two gifts, thank god we were at home, thank god hayden picked that ball, thank god desean was out with inury, thank god vick was trying to hard to show off for the dome....because if it werent for the combination of all that, if even one of those didnt happen this game was a lot uglier.....the best was when this kid comes in and goes perfect on our D thats never thrown an nfl pass before...if thats not a cake D what the **** is......I mean for all the talent, we should be able to do way more, Way more on D..this scheme is terrible for us.....its more of a D that would be good for new england.....They are up 30 points every week, then you exotic blitz, force arrant throws and then get turnovers....well we arent that team....so with that said one of two things has to happen, but not both

we either have to get rid of mularkey which id prefer and start using our weapons and air it out and get this offense cooking to even half of its capability then BVG's defense will fit

Or get rid of BVG and get a guy that just likes to play Conservative D where everyone flows to the ball.......and then mularkey can rely on our D and play the field position bs games......why is mularkey playing field position and worrying about field position when he should be well aware that its vick over there, and the explosive offense eagles...if you watch them youd realize that their field position is in the end zone no matter where they start so stop worrying about field position and start worrying about not having 3rd and 12 six times on every drive with all these chip shots and start moving the chains......that backs the guys out of your box and opens it up for turner to smash around some dbs instead of linebackers....gets the pressure off of Ryan, and gets one on one matchups that we will win with their 4th and 5th cover guys...its reallly not rocket science..............

Sorry guys, hate to be negative after a win at home on sunday night but you know as well as I do, they cards played right this time........on every level and we got lucky.....this only happens to us once in a while........we cant cut it with this operation as is........things have to change or we will get false confidence and end up smoked again in the first playoff game..................with the talent we have, we should be **** near undefeated this year still mularkey will coach us out of 6 wins

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Yeah thats only 3 though and it was a bad throw........may have been wr miscommunication.................threw it right to samuels I believe...but im saying use those three to clear samuels, Nhamdi, and cromoartie out of there and then hit off rogers or gonzo or weems....but line up with 4 and 5 wide with empty backfield........that way the only people on the line will be the ones that need to be blocked....put ryan in the gun....let him see the rush...he can then move around with space and rogers/weems/Gonzo/snelling can eat up their matchups......our line will know who to black and ryan will have a ton more open space to move around...instead we clog the box with all these hbs trying to block, and fbs blocking...routes coming out of the backfield with linebackers pass rushing just mass confusions and with our shaky line, they would benefit and ryan would benefit more if it were clean back there.......let rogers/gonzo play wr4 and wr5 or weems and rogers and they can beat the eagles coverage guys that arent good.......thats how the packers eat you up...thats how brady eats people up and manning......they spread the ball around.....if you blitz, and ryans in gun he will see it coming and move his feet by time and then hit the guy thats open due to the extra man blitzing...we would just march up the field...thats whats ryans strengths are....not trying to squeeze balls into julio on nhamdi and a safety because we only have to wr running routes and let the eagles guys dominate the LOS all game and try pounding through them.....not with vick on the other side that can score basically at will on our D

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