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Vick Points To Score Board While Being Escorted Off The Field, Injured.

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Typical Vick. Doesn't protect the ball, throws picks, and can't stay healthy. Here is a good little article about Vick for all of you Vick lovers.

Go Falcons!


Well, that was an interesting quarter.

Michael Vick turned the ball over a third time, the Eagles stormed back to score 21 unanswered points, Dunta Robinson went helmet-to-helmet again, and then Vick was knocked from the game.

Vick was battered throughout the night, but he took a shot to the head after getting thrown into his own teammate — offensive lineman Todd Herremans. Vick was shown looking a little woozy and spitting up blood from biting his tongue. He has a neck injury, according to NBC’s Michele Tafoya.

He went to the locker room to a cascade of boos with a ten point lead — 31-21. Vick heard the boos and motioned for the crowd to the scoreboard.

It has turned into that kind of second half for the Falcons, but there’s a lot of ballgame left.

Did I mention that I'm proud of the majority of the fans. Awesome job drowning out the Vick supporters.

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Although NBC settled down as the game progressed, at the beginning of the broadcast they just couldn't show enough #7 jerseys of any color. My candidate for most disgusting shot was when NBC showed some bozo wearing both a #7 Eagles jersey and a Falcons ballcap. I just hope this game finally puts to rest the Vick-mania in the ATL.

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Guest Negatorris

I'd be kinda gloat-filled too to be honest. Injured at my old home, which is embarrassing, then getting booed as I walk away off the field because I can't play. Emotions might have gotten to me too, but I'm still glad we won!

We still have a lot to work on though... A LOT!

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Hey Vick, did you enjoy the Welcome Back to Atlanta Party?

Too bad the score board had a different set of numbers on it at the end of the game when it counted. I don't guess you were doing much pointing then.

To heck with what Vickettes will have to say. Their idol got beat down and we got the W.

Pretty or not, we got the W. To me, that's all that matters.


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nothing wrong with anyone wearing Vick jerseys......you could be a fan of ANYONE! it's their personal choice. As long as you root for the local team to win.

Who gives a ****!

Justice was served.....bad karma got knocked him out of the game. Our defense didn't allow him to make "explosive" plays & TD"s like they are use ot.

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