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3 And Out = Offensive Mularkey!


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Thank you Tony G Touchdown!!!!!!

As for Mularkey, it is his job to balance the offense and distibute the ball in a manner that creates mismatches and enable the offense to put points on the board.

He is failing in this. Halftime numbers: Ryan had less than 10 yards per completion!

Thank God for Philly Mistakes because they have outproduced us all day.

Besides, the Int was a gift.

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MM should have known how hard it was going to be to throw to White and Jones. he should have made a gameplan to get Weems, HD and even Meier in the game! but of course, he didnt do that because hes an idiot. it doesnt matter who our opponent is, our gameplan will always be the same.

EXACTLY.....Spread them out, that would let matt see the open field and would be able to see whos blitzing...instead he comes out in two wide and ryans getting killed and cant tell where the **** the rush is coming from....if you spread them out with 4 and 5 wrs, which we have great receivers, even throw TG and Rogers as the 4th and 5 then it would show whos coming and whos not...and those guys will beat their coverage...theres only 3 good coverage DBS on Phil..

then mularkey comes out running with 8 mins left and we get a dumb hold on a **** run play, luckily on another junk handofff turner breaks one but come on, that could have been 2 and 19 on our second to last and possilby last drive to catch up to these guys......this guy is absolutely terrible Throw the ******** ball on 1st down...we have to score

And people are going to say oh well we won or oh well we scored this many points.....and forget the fact that mike vick handed over all those fumbles and we caught three drives at the end with some scrub at qb thats never played in the nfl....had vick been in there you know **** well this game was probably over.......we caught a huge break.............yeah we scored but our offense wasnt good, and we didnt move it until the fourth quarter

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