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Qb Corner: Matt Ryan Discusses The Eagles - D.led

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QB corner: Matt Ryan discusses the Eagles

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By D. Orlando Ledbetter

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, who had two turnovers that were converted into 14 points by the Chicago Bears, hopes to rebound in his home opener against the Eagles. Here’s a brief Q&A involving Ryan and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s D. Orlando Ledbetter.

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Q: What do you see in Philadelphia’s rookie middle linebacker Casey Matthews?

A: He looks pretty good. You can see him on film communicating well and getting their defense set. I think he’s done a pretty good job so far.

Q: What do you think of their cornerback trio? Who are they putting at nickel?

A: They’ve kind of shown a little bit of everything. There is so little tape with this new scheme that you kind of have to prepare for all three going inside. It could be Asante [samuel] inside, it could be [Dominique] Rodgers-Cromartie inside. It could be Nnamdi [Asomugha] inside, depending on what they are going to do against us. That’s something that we’ll feel out early, and that’s something we’ll react to accordingly.

Q: The Eagles had five sacks in their opener, the same number that you all gave up to the Bears. How does Philadelphia’s front four compare?

A: I think their front four is solid. They’ve got some guys who can rush the passer. They’ve got guys that are good, physical and stout against the run. It’s another talented front four that we have to go up against this week.”

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