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Upset Watch: Navy @ South Carolina


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I just hope Latt stays healthy for the Florida game. We need USC to beat FL. FL is looking much better than I imagined they would.

Their defense is going to be very good down the stretch, but I'm not sure about their offense. UT was doing a pretty good job on them, they just couldn't overcome Tyler Bray being completely worthless. Bray should have had like 15 INTs in that game.

I hope Florida beats Carolina. We need Carolina to lose as many as possible. I feel pretty good about our chances of going the rest of the year with maybe just one more loss, possibly none at all imo. If that's the case then we need Carolina with 2 conference losses minimum.

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South Carolina is going to lose some games this year. Garcia's bad game against UGA was no fluke. He's playing horrible against Navy, too.

Lattimore is literally the only reason Carolina is winning.

A few things about this game.

1) Garcia's stat line was 18/25 204 0 TD 1 INT

Certainly not earth shattering, but not horrible either. After the last several seasons I feel comfortable saying that Garcia is the type of qb who will keep BOTH teams in the game on a regular basis. He doesn't stink it up for an entire game for the most, and he usually will find a way to help us win. But he rarely, VERY RARELY puts together an entire game that leads us to a smoking hot performance .and a win in a "going away" manner.

2) It's pretty obvious that Spurrier is looking hard to find other offensive weapons who can take some of the attention away from Marcus and Alshon, We started out last night targeting Jason Barnes on several passing plays early on, and we tried several passes to players who have not really gotten much thrown their way thus far this season. Heck, Alshon only had two receptions last night and that by itself is embarrassing to me. But after the Garcia INT Spurrier really tried hard to avoid throwing the ball around very much at all.

3) Months ago I seriously questioned the decision to bring Navy into Williams-Brice to play us. I believe we agreed to pay them $1,000,000 to come to Columbia. But I feel strongly that playing Navy is a no win situation. If you beat them you were supposed to win, and if you lose you never hear the end of it from every fan and analyst in the nation. To top it off, Navy plays an offense totally unlike any other team we face all season long and we only had six days to prepare for that offense. And after you develop the chosen strategy with which to play against their offense you then throw all of those schemes out the window after the game because you won't really use them again. It was a foolish decision from the moment pen met paper to sign the contract.

But that offense is designed and implemented purely to help a less talented team have its' best shot at beating a supposedly superior team. And if anyone on your defense strays even a little bit from the plan, or if one player doesn't win their assignment outright that leaves a huge gap open for their offense to exploit and take advantage of. If your defense is off by just a little bit then there is a real chance for your team to lose.

And that's what happened to us, IMO. We didn't have enough assignment discipline or maintain our lane integrity and Navy made us pay for that. Playing Navy is very much like playing Georgia Tech with their current HC. And regardless of how much more talent UGA might have compared to Georgia Tech the Yellow Jackets put a great deal of stress on the UGA defense. And while Georgia Tech is pretty obviously (IMO) a more gifted group of players than Navy, the midshipmen run that offense with as much or more precision that Georgia Tech. So good luck to you guys during your annual rivalry game.

And good riddance to The United States Naval Academy........ It's been real.

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