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I'm Trying To Lighten Things Up A Bit Around Here....forgive Me...truly.


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I hate the Madden posts. They are not relevant at all. I agree 100%

Ugh...with that said (hey, let's face it. I didn't have a ton of cred with many of you anyway)...

Yesterday I got on and it updated the roster and started Sanders and Hayden and I kid you not...the D was better. Noticeably better.


I guess we can get out of this one thing. The team is getting better and will get better. Good, Great, and poor teams mess up out of their character regardless the opponent. I'm not going to say, "We're going to kill the Eagles." or whatever.

I feel very confident with the team we have built in the last three years we can make this a very good ball game with a positive outcome for Atlanta fans. Mike Smith's first year I got tired....second year really tired...of hearing the "it's a process" speech after every loss. I have to admit I bought into it. We are constructing a team to be good now AND in the future. We're not trying to be a one and done. We have a lot of talent on the team.

Now we just have to go out on the field and prove it.

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