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Further Analysis Of Matt Ryan's Line On Sunday


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I was breaking down Matt Ryan's numbers from Sunday, and it is pretty clear that he is not an elite Quarterback. Here goes, reference pro-football-reference.com:

Its pretty clear that when you look at an Adjusted Yards per Attempt (AY/A) of 4.70, he's clearly not moving the ball with any consistency, I mean that puts him behind Tavaris Jackson so far. The only way he is going to get that number up is by taking a few chances and letting his receivers make a play. Besides, when you're passing 44 times for a 61.4% completion rate, you need to do better. What also worries me is that with that many dropbacks, he had 1 INT and no TDs, besides, he only had 4 passes defended, so the coverage couldn't have been that great (or maybe he's just scared of taking chances/doesn't trust his receivers).

I know that he was up against a top-5 defense from 2010, but that's still no excuse for putting up a QB rating of 67.6. Only throwing for 252 is not going to cut it in the NFL, I mean, Chris Redman puts up those kind of numbers when he plays in preseason. I think the time is now to make the switch.

...er, wait...

Hold on, I was actually looking at his line from the first game of 2010, you know, the season where he lead his team to a 13-3 record?

His actual line from this Sunday is actually better (of course he didn't loose a fumble against the Steelers).

2010: 27/44, 61.4%, 0 TD, 1 INT, 5.73 YPA (against a top five defensive team from the 2010 season)

2011: 31/47, 66.0%, 0 TD, 1INT, 6.79 YPA (against a top five defensive team from the 2010 season)

To put it in perspective, Aaron Rodgers had a similar (but decidedly better) line in his week 3 loss to the Bears from last year:

34/45, 75.6%, 1 TD, 1 INT, 7.02 YPA, the Packers lost 17-20 @Chicago.

Sometimes you lose games.

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Sometimes you lose games.

I think that sums everything up nicely. We played very uncharacteristically on Sunday (3 turnovers, 7 penalties, 15 missed tackles), but I don't expect that to carry over the rest of the season. Some days you just don't play well, especially on the road and against a defense as dominant as Chicago's.

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