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Ryan Is Sick And Tired. Extra Motivated For The Eagles.

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Falcons QB Ryan weary of Vick talk

September 15, 2011|BY MARCUS HAYES, hayesm@phillynews.com

IT IS ONLY Week 2 of the NFL season, and, already, Matt Ryan is tired.

Fatigued is more like it.

His fatigue has nothing to do with training camp and Atlanta's Week 1 loss in Chicago.

Ryan, a Penn Charter product, is tired of being the guy who grew up an Eagles fan. He's tired of being the guy who lost to the Birds as a rookie in 2008 and again last year, both times at Lincoln Financial Field. And he's sick and tired of being the guy who followed Michael Vick and saved the Falcons franchise.

"It's probably a discussion that will always come up," Ryan allowed, graciously. "Mike was a great player down here. A unique talent. But he's moved on. And I think we as an organization have as well."

Matt is one of the classiest players ever on this team and I believe he is going to put everything he possibly can into this game. I think we are going to see a much different guy out there on Sunday night. The time has come to take control of this team and he is up to the challenge. We are going to have to control the clock, but when it comes to making the big throws Sunday, he will.


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He played em in 08 (Adam Jennings "muffed punt") and lost and then last year we lost. Both in Philly. He has only lost to "Vick" once.

But I know he is tired of hearing about Vick and not about the Falcons. It is like the media doesn't care about our chances. It's all about how Vick still owns the city. I don't see Matt laying down. He is going to win it or go down swinging.

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Maybe this confrontation is just what Ryan and the Falcons need. High noon at the OK Corral, with the evil gun-slinger of legendary skill against Sheriff Ryan, good with a gun, but said to be out-matched if/when the two square off.

The outcome of this does have on-going ramifications far beyond even whether the Falcons make the play-offs this year. This could be for Ryan's credibility ~ even his title of "franchise player" ~ and his ultimate longevity in Atlanta.

Even if the Falcons win but Ryan is completely out-played by Vick, I think real doubt about him will set in with already disillusioned fans being joined by the media. It would be a shame to see that, but it's hard to be optimistic at the moment.

Come on, Matt Ryan. Let's see some fire with that ice.

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