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What We Know And What We Can Do About The Eagles D

root down

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Alright lets use that football knowledge to figure out (the best we can considering our resources), what should we expect from this Eagles D and how to counter / exploit that on Offense. Really, I'd like to compare what we can come up with and what kind of game plan MM comes up with or adjustments he might make during the game.

Eagles D: Please Add any of you observations about their D

Has a new DC, a first year DC. He was the O-line coach for years for the Eagles.

-Unproven, inexperienced making in game adjustments for an entire D unit. He did make adjustments for the O-line during games.

-The Eagles new D-line coach, came from the Colts, and was with the Titans before that.

-His D-line scheme is called "wide-9". He lines the DEs wider than normal to enhance speed and offset the strength size of Tackles. This does create some run lanes that look tempting in the middle. He wants to funnel the O into the middle of the field to "narrow" the field of play. The Lbers are relied upon to be very GAP sound, every play. They cannot over run the play, they must read correctly, or else big runs happen. The Eagles have a rookie at MLB and youth at the other backer positions. The D-line's philosophy is to get off the ball fast and get upfield. They look for the runner on the way to the QB. Very aggressive.

Screen game should be huge against this D.

Have the O-line just steer the D-linemen, using their aggression against them to take them out of the play.

Run, Run, right at them. They want runs in the middle fine, that will allow bouncing outside to be deadly, cut-backs also. Maybe fake the handoff to turner then toss to J.Rodgers to the outside. Run at the DE, pull the G, make sure you block the pulling G's DT, or else he will follow the G.

Best way to stop Aso/samuels/Cromartie. Have Turner run over them a couple of times.

OK, need specifics too, a play or two....lets go!

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Well I'm hoping that we use the ground game because time of possession in this game is paramount for sure. Philly has a very explosive offense and I really don't want us trying to play that style of ball because it hurts our defense. Our defense has to be very disciplined with their assignments but still be aggressive at times. Namdi is going to be difficult but he can get beat because he is very aggressive sometimes in trying to make a play on the ball. Asante likes to peek into the backfield but he can be taken on a double move for sure. Hopefully Turner, snelling and Quizz can run the ball down their throats all game long. I know it's boring but we have to get back to our roots by pounding the rock. Then those shots to Roddy, TG, HD, and Julio would be much easier to complete.

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running the ball is the best against them as rams did

this. we know they have a great set of corner backs. their line backers are young and inexperienced. their weakness appears to be line backers and safeties as their front 4 is decent with cullen, babin and cole. the rams showed they can be run on as williams almost had 100 yards after jackson was injured. best bet would be establish the run to help keep the their offense off the field. once we set up the run we can go underneath until they are forced to bring a safety up. once they do that is the line is blocking ok we work in some play action and maybe start working on taking some deep shots.

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