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Were A Lot Better Than We Played


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After thinking about the bears game for a few days I thought I would share my opinion. Everything Atlanta could of done wrong they absolutely did. It's hard to distinguish fault between players and coaches. It seemed like it was a lack of execution of plays rather than poor coaching. Credit the bears defense for that, they will makes lots of offenses look bad this year. Fumbles, interceptions, missed tackles, and lack of intensity were the reason we lost. Let's keep things in perspective there are a lot of teams that would love to be in our position. About every team in the league would love to have Matt Ryan. I hate when we lose as much as anyone here but throwing the team under the bus after one loss is pathetic. We lost to a great team on the road in a tough environment. I think our offense will be fine this year. Like a few others said if this happens a few more times then we can start calling for people to be gone. All of you saying we suck after one game really is as bad as people calling scam

Newton the next big thing after one game. We are playing a very good team this week and we will have to play a dang near perfect game to beat them. I sure hope they all come ready to play and execute. Our team is definitely capable. Let's be behind them and Matty Ice this week. GO FALCONS!!!!

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