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“I Don’T Know What That Means,”

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Clearly he wanted the journalist who asked the question to give his uneducated version of what more aggressive means when the following is the scenario.

I don't know what that means," Mularkey said when asked if they offense could be more aggressive. "When they've got guys down there and they are taking away the deep ball; you throw it underneath. You can force it down there and turn the ball over more possibly, which we obviously don't want to do."

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Mularkey said when asked if the offense could be more aggressive.

That's a true story folks.

Yeah. This thing is definitely moving in the right direction.

Wonder if Sean Payton ever said "were not going to try and force the ball downfield, we arent going to press the issue" ????

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He's an idiot but he is not going to be fired mid season. So all the belly aching and rants are going to fall on deaf ears at least till the off season

The rants are the only thing that keep me from going homicidal every time I see a designed roll out or three receivers running routes at the same depth.

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