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Something More Important Than How The Falcons Will Do Sunday...


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We all know that the game Sunday night against the Eagles could be a turning point for the franchise, and it's even magnified even more so because of the losses to Green Bay and Chicago. Players and coaches will be evaluated on how they handled failure and criticism and be judged on how they come back from it. Have they progressed or regressed?

But there will be a more important test to be taken that night. The whole country be able to see, finally, how legit Atlanta Falcons fans are. Every moment from the opening camera pan of the stadium to the cheers or boo's during the player entrances will be scrutinized and commented on, much like how Lebron James came back to Cleveland earlier this year. Sunday night is not only just a national stage for our players, but a national stage for Atlanta sports fans. Have we progressed or regressed?

Speaking of Lebron, how about we have a chant going every time Vick steps up to the line? Could be fun.

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The perception of the fan base is going to follow the performance of the team. People will be making the right kind of noise at the beginning of the game, but if it goes ugly early, Falcon fan will ditch the game and there will be mostly black and red number 7s left in the dome.

That will be an unfortunate scene on national TV.

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