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Thoughts On My Team...

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10 team league...not ppr. 1point per 10 yards (WR/RB/TE)...6 per TD. 1 point/20 yards...6 for TDs for QBs...

Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, and 1 D/ST

Roster (* started week 1)


Brady *



Hillis *

Tolbert *

F. Jackson

M. Bush

D. Sproles


R. White *

D. Jackson *

M. Floyd

D. Branch


R. Gronkowski *



Henery *


Steelers *


When Peyton Manning went officially down, I offered Josh Freeman to that owner in return for J Best. He was tempted but wanted to see what Cam Newton would do...so that's obviously on the back-burner for now. I'd like to upgrade my RBs...but I don't think they are 'terrible'...thoughts?

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Love the team, minus the RBs, but Tolbert could very well take that job from Ryan Mathews if he stays healthy, and Hillis can still be extremely effective.

Thanks...we're on the same page. My RBs aren't terrible...but the weakest area. I will say this though...if Fitzpatrick has a decent year @QB for Buf, I like Fred Jackson a lot...

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