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Final Thoughts On Bears And A Look Forward To Eagles . . .


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As Gregg Easterbrook says, Don't panic, there will be plenty of time for that later. The lesson from Sunday is to forget about our "Ferrari offense" and conga lines for Jay Cutler interceptions, and refocus on holding onto the football, wrapping up on tackles, keeping our feet and making blocks.

I had a feeling that the emotion of the day and the totality of the circumstances might effect the mental preparedness of one of the teams. Unfortunately, that was us. Literally, from the first kick off, we were not mentally in the game. Fumbles, stupid penalties, interceptions, fumbles, poor tackling, horribly missed assignments ......this did NOT look like a Mike Smith coached football team. We'll see what happens next week, but I think , and certainly hope, that this was a rare case of poor mental readiness, not an indicator of inherent structural deficiencies. But we will see.

If we pay attention to the process that has brought three consecutive winning seasons and quit believing our own hype, everything will be fine.

If we are 2-3 after five games, we will makes the playoffs and win a playoff game.

NOW, for the Eagles . . . I can only hope that part of our problem last week was that the staff focused on preparation for the Eagles. Unlikely, I know, but wouldn't it be nice?

I'm not sure if the collective psyche of the franchise can survive another defeat in the dome to the Eagles. I know I can't! Am I exaggerating? Not much!

On Defense, I hope we play press coverage and rush four with a delayed blitzer coming in from arbitrary angles. As always, the gap discipline is required against Vick, particularly by the ends who MUST maintain containment. We should play some kind of modified zone that permits us to attack their receivers at the line of scrimmage to prevent quick releases but keep our d backs from turning their backs to Vick and permitting long scrambles. We should NOT try to stack the box and prevent them from gouging us with the run. LET them run! And, with every opportunity, freakin' POUND Vick. We should make it a POLICY to get Unnecessary roughness penalties on at least one first down each drive. Maybe even 2nd down . . . . but NOT on third downs (duh).

On offense. . . . I don't know. I know we want to go down field, but we also need Ryan to go back to his 2008 survival mode and NEVER hold the ball for 3 seconds. He's got to get rid of the ball quickly. We can still go deep, but we will have to rely on timing and crossing patterns, not double moves and slow developing routes. And we need to be patient and let Turner hammer their relatively week linebacker corps.

Most of all, we need to be ready to play. Period. Last week WE had a penalty on the opening kick off . . . as the kicking team!!! Our heads were never in the game. We can't do that again.

I REALLY hope the staff recognizes the magnitude of this game and has a brilliant game plan ready. We have been outcoached and outplayed by the Eagles every time during the current regime. That has to stop Sunday night.

If we win, last Sunday will be forgotten and the season will look extremely rosy. If we lose, you'll probably find me swinging form a noose Monday morning . . .

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