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Poor Theme Management

Padawan Knight

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I wanted to voice my opinion on the theme management of the new forums. Previously, I could view the forums in their intended theme on my computer and in the mobile theme on my smart phone. With the new forums, that is not the case. When I'm on my computer I switch to the full version of the boards. Then, if I check the forums on my phone, I have to switch to the mobile theme. And then, when I get back to my computer, I have to switch back to the full version. Why doesn't the new board recognize what type of device I'm using and automatically use the appropriate theme?!?


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Works for me on iOS.

What is your device?

I use a Samsung Vibrant running Android 2.2. I can access the site using the phone, but it defaults to whatever theme was used last by my login. So, if I accessed it last on my computer, it uses the default theme. If I change the theme to the mobile theme while I'm on my phone, the next time I login on my computer it still uses the mobile theme.

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Guest James H.

Interesting... Works fine for everyone on iOS, and Android's Chrome isn't terribly different than Mo Safari.

Anyway -- I can't do about that, but I can notify the IPB techs about the bug.

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Some additional information to provide to tech support...

When viewing the boards on my mobile device, there is a link at the bottom of the page that says "Use Mobile Version". When I click on the link, it directs to a URL; however, nothing changes. The theme is still the same and it is the full HTML version of the site, not a mobile version.


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