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Sec Rankings And Georgia


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1) Alabama 26-3 (.897)

2) Auburn 24-5 (.828)

3) Florida 23-6 (.793)

4) LSU 22-6 (.786)

5) Arkansas 20-8 (.714)

6) SCarolina 18-11 (.621)

7) Miss St. 15-12 (.556)

8) Tennessee 15-13 (.535)

9) Kentucky 15-13 (.535)

10) Ole Miss 14-13 (.519)

11) GEORGIA 14-14 (.500)

12) Vanderbilt 6-20 (.230)

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You're right that it isn't "news" that our program has tanked over the last few years. However, it is sad and shocking to see stats that reflect how badly we have failed.

I didn't even realize we had gone this far down in the SEC. The good news is that we have a nice lead on Vandy.

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$h1t guys, how long are we going to beat a dead horse? If the pattern continues as it is, we will probably have a new head coach next year. If we finish strong, we may not.

Only thing I can tell you is let the season play out. Nobody is going anywhere until after the season. I think every UGA fan knows the downward spiral we have been on since 09. Is that going to affect me cheering for my team? No. We still have 10 more football games. Thats the only thing we should be worried about right now.

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