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Very, Very Funny Website With "uncensored" Play By Play Analysis Of The Game


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This is obviously mean to bring some humor to our site here. Both teams are lampooned equally and this guy has some talent to boot.


Just to give an example of the types of one liners you'll find in this article..........

Marcus Lattimore never gets tired and he’s going to run out the clock. He’s got 176 yards on the night. Awesome. How good is Lattimore? He’s so good that Stephen Garcia, who looks like the kind of guy who will pull up next to you at a gas station and offer you a deal on a home stereo system, can go 11/25, 1 TD, 2 INT and the Gamecocks can still win a big game on the road.

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Funny! :lol:

10:33 1st

Slow start for both teams. Georgia QB Aaron Murray is constantly under pressure, and Garcia is still trying to shake off the 13 High Lifes he had in his hotel room last night while listening to Molly Hatchet.

2:23 1st

Georgia’s Brandon Boykin drops what should have been a pick 6. How many big drops has Georgia had over the past 5 years? They love dropping the ball.

Stephen Garcia looks like the Customer of the Month at a Long John Silver’s.

11:00 2nd

Spurrier decides to go for fourth-and-1 from the 29-yard line. South Carolina took 2 time outs and Georgia took 1 before the play. This feels like a huge moment in the game. It’s like Spurrier knows Richt is vulnerable and he wants to finish him today.

Nevermind. After all that, Spurrier punts. No wonder Garcia drinks so much.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

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