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I Guarantee

Bob Ðigital

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make the playoffs or I will delete this account. I've been reading some pathetic crap on this board while looking for a descent conversation. Week 1 was BAD... yeah I watched the game too. As a long time fan of the NFL in general I've seen these things happen. If there's any team can adjust and correct these mistakes it's the Falcons. Some of you want instant satisfaction... not gonna happen. These teams that most of you have been comparing us to, and hug so tightly to the sacks of, have been doing this for a long time. What kills me the most (in a laughing manner) is the envy for these teams, yet you claim to be a true fan of the Falcons. You can't have both. Try going up to your own mother and saying, "Momma I love you, but I know three or four other woman I wish you were like." Say what you want, but it's the same thing. I choose to pull for my team through good and bad. Yes, they made me want to punch a baby Sunday, but I still have hope that they will turn things around. Trust me, the team wants to win more than the fans do... they go to work everyday trying to accomplish that very goal, we just watch.

What does concern me the most is being able to make it through the playoffs, and I won't get an idea till we play more games. Sunday is gonna be one of the biggest games in our history if not, THE biggest game. If we can somehow win this game... everything changes. If not, we move forward and improve. I just wanted to make this thread so my gamble wouldn't be hidden in another post where I first said it. I'm that confident in this team.

I'm sure a bunch of you will read and say, "Who the **** is this guy?" so I'll save you from having to say it, but we will make the playoffs or I will close up shop. After reading the things I have over and over it doesn't seem like much of a loss anyhow. Go Birds...

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I posted this in an earlier thread but it just got buried...

I've been saying that this team is missing that swagger of a champion since the PIT loss last year. PIT won that game b/c they believed they were good enough to do so even w/o Ben and played like it. If we carried that same belief, we would have done the same and also put NO away when given opps in BOTH games last season (the fluke muffed punt in Game One and after the Abraham pick in Game Two).

The players are just too nice. No one with a mean streak/killer attitude. It causes us to play extremely timid in big-time games. We don't exude the confidence of a GB, NO or even CHI for that matter. The vets have got to lead this team and show the way b/c we are very young at key positions up and down the roster and guys are still learning (which is why I believe draft picks really won't have much impact, if any at all, on this roster).

That said, they are a talented group and in re-watching the game, I was reminded of that. However, talent alone doesn't win in this league, but it does give you a puncher's chance.

-- It always has and always will start up front; the offensive line has got to provide more consistent protection and the defensive line has to create more consistent pressure. Most people should have known that Ray Edwards wasn't expected to come in and be a world-beater (we didn't pay him like one). He was supposed to come in and just be more effective on the edge, which I thought he was. Not even Abe and Peppers got to the QB on every snap. As a group, the rotation of Abe, Ray, Kroy and Sid was good, to very good. If they got more help from the middle, they would have looked even better.

-- No secret that Dunta had his struggles Sunday. I'm not quite ready to jump off his bandwagon yet, but I am looking for a soft place to land if and when I do. He can cover and he can tackle (the miss on Forte notwithstanding) and he's a solid option on the outside. I wish I had a better idea of what his assignments are in-game; he plays like he's Jason Webster 2.0; 10 yards off the receiver even when it's 3rd-and-6. He plays further off than Grimes, and Brent was the guy we all thought needed the soft zone coverage. Even when guys ran into Dunta's zone area, he chose not to stick with them and let them run free. Is he expecting help? Is he supposed to be passing them off to someone? I don't get it... he doesn't get beat for long TDs, but he doesn't put himself in a position to make plays on the ball either.

-- Lots of people calling for the heads of our coordinators for their perceived ineptitude and lack of in-game adjustments. Wrong. The defense surrendered only 7 points in the second half. The offense went to more three- and four-wide sets and max-protect sets. Penalties and poor protections were the causes of death for many drives -- and that doesn't include the three turnovers that were obvious momentum killers. 10 points could have been saved if only Thomas "Hot Hands" DeCoud could make a play or two. But I do hate this defense's inability to get off the field on third-and-longs. The three-man rush, soft zone look has got to go!

But I am curious why MM didn't use the no-huddle in the second half to slow down the rush of CHI. Maybe it was to give the defense more of a breather in real time. They logged quite a few minutes.

-- Matt Ryan has also taken a lot of heat. He deserves it for his two turnovers, both leading to subsequent TDs, one indirectly. But for the checkdowns, even Mike Smith said that he'd have to look at the tape to see if that was where CHI's coverage downfield forced the action. The commentators mentioned that quite often, the Bears' safeties were lined up 17 and 18 yards back off the line of scrimmage. We're so conditioned to teams stacking the box against us, that we often assume we're being dared to throw deep all the time. Even Urlacher was often starting in the deep-middle. Sunday, CHI dared us to throw underneath. We're in a situation where we're playing from behind and at the very least, you want to keep the chains moving. When given the chance to look deep, which wasn't often due to protection issues, Matt looked deep but took the underneath route to make sure we got something. Jay Cutler should have thrown three INTs from forcing deep passes that weren't there.

My only gripe with Matt: Take better care of the football. Five turnovers, one touchdown his last two games. You wanna be a star, well give me a star-effort. For all the flack that Matt has taken for not throwing deep, only one pass traveled longer in the air from Jay Cutler, and it shoulda been picked. And much praise has Jay gotten for his play Sunday? All about wins and losses... it don't matter how you get the wins -- just win, baby. Style points are for college. The Falcons were able to move the ball will when they avoided shooting themselves in the foot.

-- I would immediately give PR duties to Dominique Franks. He showed in preseason he's not afraid to catch and return the football. Eric Weems hurt us more than he helped us, Sunday. I know he thought he was doing the smart thing by running from the ball to avoid a muff, but letting the ball bounce put the offense in deep (ish) holes.

So yeah, disappointed, not discouraged.

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The players are just too nice. No one with a mean streak/killer attitude. It causes us to play extremely timid in big-time games. We don't exude the confidence of a GB, NO or even CHI for that matter. The vets have got to lead this team and show the way b/c we are very young at key positions up and down the roster and guys are still learning (which is why I believe draft picks really won't have much impact, if any at all, on this roster).

First of all, I enjoyed reading every bit of your comment, but this part is beyond true. So true in fact... William Moore is already one of my favorite Falcons, and he hasn't even played very long. I also believe success starts in the trenches... this includes both sides of the ball. It maybe just me, but I rarely see any push (dominance) from either side. I always wondered if this was an issue with strength or philosophy. I can't think of one successful NFL team that has a weak line, so I hope we're able to address this issue or it may be a very long season. Plus, it will definitely hurt my chances of remaining a board member. lmao

Oh and I would like to see us play more man to man too. Our corners seem like their made for that, so I'm not sure why we play soft zone so much. I'm not a coach, but I always figured zone should be used to add confusion to an already successful man to man game plan. That's assuming your defense is good enough to pull it off of course. Either way I think they'll figure it out.

Again, good read man and thanks for the response.

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