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Madden And Ea = Overrated

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all they care about is Money

was gonna write to them, but guess what, all they have is a support link, no contact link. lol...

remember NFL2K ?????

it was For the Playstation 1

and it was FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Better than any Madden ever released

what made it better ????

on the playstation 1 format

the pro bowlers had all the right helmets

it had a highlight show , and gave highlights for every game, actual highlights not just someone talking

all the names were right

no glitches at all

with madden

they have no foe, no1 can make another game, because after they saw 2k , they knew, to make a better game, they would have to spend money and not just rake it in.....

I am Boycotting Madden

its became a joke

lets just release the same game every yr

and hey, lets charge ppl to play online lmao

lets charge ppl to update their rosters LMFAO

lets use the same plays we used in 1992 lol

EA = Epic Fail

atleast do like COD and let someone else make the madden games every other yr

thats why every yr, we get a better COD game with more options ,

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welcome to the club. after buying every year since sega genesis days, I finally quit last year. so sick of them putting out halfass games that played better on last-generation systems and had more features (which they inevitably reintroduce and have the gall to call "new"- watch, I bet they bring back the passing cone in the next 2 years and call it new). not to mention the micro transactions and charging for stuff that used to be free...

not gonna lie, I miss it. i dowloaded the demo this year and uninstalled it after 1 game. **** was so clunky and slow, takes like 2 seconds just to pause or unpause the game.I never played the 2k games, but I really, really wish there was an NFL alternative to madden. is EA's exclusive deal done next year? I'm done giving my money to those lazy ****s.

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