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Babs-Partially Torn MCL

Guest Gritz

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I wonder what they do with him as far as treatment. I bet they try to just rest him instead of surgery, but that generally just drags out the inevitable. I would rather just fix a partial tear instead of waiting until it is totally severed.

Marcus Stroud is out there, I just dont know if we have the cap space to pick anyone up.

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I'm sorry, I know this game is huge, but I'd rather lose than lose him for the year or 6-8 weeks.

Need I remind Mr. Smith about pushing Turner to play in 2009?

-- I think not...

He'll be fine. He just needs to suck it up.

Tough call here...The Falcons really need to notch a W against the Eagles this week and Babs could be crucial in that effort, but do you risk further damage to that MCL by putting him out there?

I'm glad it's not up to me to make a decision like that.

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dnt wait for it to tear, go ahead and fix it now, besides, our staff is notorious for holding guys out who have the littlest kink or bruse... edwards had his knee cleaned and we still didnt let him play for three weeks... look at peters, he didnt tear anything, but yet he still not playing... i really hope this turns out good and he comes back as quick as possible...

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