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Atleast we are now HUMBLED !

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To many of our players were reading SI and the news papers & watching the NFL network , ESPN . and fell into the arrogant mindset as if it's our to loose ! Well Wake Up Falcons ! There are 31 other teams that field they hv just as good of a chance or better to make it to the promise land as we do ! Smitty u should be ashame to hv your team so unprepared in yesterday's game and the Green bay game . The good thing is that the alarm clock went off early opposed to late . So we still hv time to make some serious adjustments and everyone knows that they are held accountable and consequences will follow !! I'm not ready to jump ship but I think the last ge will serve as a cross road of sorts for Smitty lite fire under some Azzes ( BVG, MM) . And the players got there doze of reality which should bring them out of there own self acclaimed championship ! It's nothing worst than a paper champ other than a verbal champ that can't back it up !! SO MAN UP OR SIT THE FRANK DOWN !! DIRTY BIRDS !! NUFF SAID !

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