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Question: How much will hayden and Sanders help?

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So after such a disappointing game yesterday i have settled a little bit and started to wonder whats going to happen going forward. One thing that doesn't seem to provide much hope for everyone is those lil additions of Sanders and Hayden. Here is the thing Dimitrov clearly saw these weaknesses already if he bothered to make those moves. Dont get me wrong here i understand that our problems yesterday go beyond just those two positions, but at the same time i cant help but think what actual solid play from the FS spot would do for this team. We all know that the Nickle spot is something begging for an upgrade for also, and i believe that Hayden can at least handle that type assignment if truly healthy.

What will the impact of these players be going forward?????

I know we are all feeling pretty **** down on the Falcons now, but i cant believe that this is going to be the norm from here on out. I have a lot more faith in this regime than that. One of the most nagging issues this team has seen is the play and lack of consistency from Thomas Decoud. i actually like this guy but holy crap!!!! CATCH THE DAM BALL!!!! I'm pretty confident that sanders would have made both of those interceptions. At the very least expect to see sanders in passing situations at FS going forward. I just get the impression that he wont make these kind of fundamental mistakes that Decoud is. Personally i don't think we can understate how desperate this team is for solid FS play. The single biggest issue for this team on D has been the FS (Decoud) always being out of position and even if he is in decent position he takes AWFUL angles!! The talent is there but im sorry the instincts are not. I no longer want or expect Decoud to keep his job. Because of Sanders i cant help but be hopeful that these issues can and will be addressed.

As for Hayden i almost feel the same. I expect this guy (who is playing for possibly the last multi year deal of his career) to turn in a very aggressive performance this season. He has all the tools and its not like we are expecting him to be one of the primary options at corner. He only has to play roughly half the snaps this yr at most. The bottom line is that we cant really expect much worse; Homer, Troll, or Realist it doesn't matter nobody can honestly say it can get worse than Owens. ITS ALMOST AS IF LIKE BECAUSE HE CANT COVER WE JUST BLITZ THE NICKLE EVERY PLAY!!!

I am not blind. I do realize that the expectations have just been lowered a peg to say the least, but i wont be shocked when we do correct these issues and we wind up in the playoffs this season. The sky is not falling from my view over here. From what i can see the team has hopefully already addressed these issues. Lets just hope the others don't become a trend. The bears have been angry at us for the last couple of years after we beat them twice when they probably felt they should have won. This happens in the NFL. I wont say i expect a win vs Phi, but i certainly can promise they will play better than this.

Real Falcons Fans need to have at least a lil faith here. I think they have earned a little bit. I think they might surprise us really soon.

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There is a thing in football called awareness. Some players have it and are always in the right place and others are physically gifted, but do not recognize things in time. In my view Owens does not have it. Decoud does not have it. I pray the new guys have it and that will make a big difference.

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