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Da Bears


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Yesterday I had to listen to the first half on the Radio and got home in time to

watch the rest of the game on TV.

Those of you who know me know that I Bleed Red and Black, but also have Strong family ties to Chicago,

and their fan base has never been one to Diss Down on too many teams outside of their division.

My overview of yesterdays game is this.

Our Offensive Line has ZERO Continuity and was wretched.

Our secondary crumbled like stale crackers, and our team bought into too

much off season hype and has not worked hard enough.

But to keep it real, I can most assuredly tell you this.

Da Bears Defense played like Carp yesterday too, and they will

get some fur spanked off of their hydes in this weeks meetings.

(Their Defense will be the most imposing and Dominating D in the NFC

this year.)

So IMHO it is good that we took this azz whupin early, because we have a lot to sort

out between now and when we face them in the playoffs, and yesterday was the Wake Up Call.

So keep your heads up Beyotches and give some props to Da Bearz.

They owed us one, we took it, and were gonna give it right back to them

when it matters most.


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