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Bears game was decided by 6 plays


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After reviewing the game again, I saw that this game was decided by 3 Offensive turnovers and 3 defensive missed tackles. In the 1st or 2nd Qt. on offense Matt's INT, and then Turners fumble killed two promising drives where we were in scoring position. Then Weatherspoon missed tackle resulted in a TD. The sum of those plays at the least are a 10 point swing (2 FGs for us and if the defense held at the 35 yard line a FG for them). Then we had a rough 3rd qt. We had back 2 back missed tackles both by Robinson on the same drive that resulted a first down and TD. After that the next offense series Matt's fumble results in a TD. (That is another 14 point swing.)

I know we can talk about the playcalling, missed INTs by Decoud, Missed INT by Weatherspoon and offensive line play, but as Coach Smith says the game is usually decided by a sum of few plays and those are the plays that decided this game. All of this is correctable, we have to tackle better and offensively we have to protect the football. I think the O-line will play better with McClure back. I also think we should have keep someone in to help Baker on passing downs since their was no threat of the run anymore. But before that those 6 plays had put us down 30 to 6. We can talk about Baker, but that was Julius Peppers, you have scheme for him.

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I think you have to include those dropped INTs in any list of factors that lost this game. When you're playing a quality opponent like the Bears, and the opposing QB throws two gift INTs, that's HUGE! If you fail to capitalize and drop them, you're probably not going to win the game.

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Yeah, I would say that the two dropped interceptions by DeCoud (which would have saved 10 points) and the two turnovers by Ryan (which both led to 14 points) were the biggest plays of the game.

Statistically, our offense had a nice game, but when you commit turnovers that lead to points and you have to settle for field goals, you wind up looking really bad at the end of the day.

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Aside from the missed INT and some tackles on "D" I was encouraged...Sid,KB,ABE looked good.

Chi has an opportunistic and stout "D" so I expected some sacks and t/o.

What disappointed was the lack of scheme and aggressiveness from the "O"...unacceptable.

The offensive stats outside of rushing told a bold face lie(passing yards).

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