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Both coordinators should forfeit game checks


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Let's start with VanGorder. Secondary is a complete mess, players are out of position all day, players trying to tacklle with their eyes closed, bears wide receivers just standing there waiting for the ball to arrive, Dunta Robinson should give back some cash too while we're on the subject, and why do you still have Christopher Owens on the field? Have we not seen enough of his act? Horrible scheme period.

Now my favorite and this goes back to last season. Mularkey cannot change who he is just because we draft Julio Jones. It does not matter. He is a conservative play caller and his scheme is predictable and easy to scout. Having said that yesterday was abysmal even by his standards. Ryan shares some of the blame for sure, but Mularkey does not put our offensive players in a position to succeed. Stupid, stupid running plays right up the middle when nothing is there. Ferrari offense?.. is that what Gonalez called it?..more like a desoto!

* The sad part of all of this is we have seen it before. No one should be that surprised. We can beat the middle of the pack 500 teams, but teams with good quarterbacks are going to light us up and we can't move the ball on strong attacking defenses. Same as last year..

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