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Brian Van Gorder


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I have been on the boat of thrashing BVG for the longest time and I know it's beating a dead ******** horse, but seriously, it has to be said.

We have way too many Pro-Bowlers on this team to put up a defensive performance like that after what fans had to suffer through in the playoffs.

At this point, I'm fully prepared to blame everything on BVG and his schemes or play-calling. There is simply no other defense in the NFL who can play so WELL on 1st and 2nd Down, putting them in a bad situation on 3rd and then just utter FAIL and breakdown on the most important Down in the game.

-- It is getting to the point of lunacy and complacency.

In my mind, BVG has this week to make a statement against what can be a potent Eagles offense.


This is a hugely anticipated game and the Eagles can be easily beaten. Everyone knows what to do, it has been mapped out for years on how to stop Vick. Just a matter of simple execution, game planning and play calling.

1.) IF BVG cannot get the defense to execute and win, then he should be strongly considered to be let go.

2.) IF BVG puts on another showing like Week 1 or the playoffs loss, then he MUST be let go the following Monday.

I don't give a **** if it is Week 2 or Week 14.

This is entirely unacceptable and Mike Smith, a pure defensive-mind (why we got him mind you), can call the plays.

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The play I HATE the most is the 3 down lineman formation. I can't stand it because I don't think it ever works. WHY put our BEST pass rusher into coverage? It doesn't make any sense.

Probably because it worked great when he used it back at UGA... I'm sure it confuses the heck out of college QBs.

NFL QBs have seen it on film... know that we use this defense all the time... and have prepared for it accordingly.

Every time I see us use the 'Green Bay' defense on 3rd down the result is either a 1st down or a TD.

I think I counted 6 or 7 times this happened yesterday. The ONLY time it didn't give up a 1st down was because of a holding call.

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Where is Mike Smith??? We hired this guy because he knew football & was a NICE guy.. He was suppose to be the mastermind behind the Ravens & Jags Defensives?? So what does he do... gives the ball to a college coach who runs a defensive scheme to bend in the wind.

Please tell me Smith is calling the defense and BVG is just a puppet??? We need to be feared by any offensive coordinator week after week. Right now we are bye week.... I watched two great coordinators last night in the dallas Jets game.... yea they gave up points but man... you can be proud of what the defense is doing.... hard hitting agressive ball playing...

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I completely agree. This soft zone bs on 3rd down has to go. We need to be an aggressive D. Yeah you'll get beat from time to time, but you'll also create turnovers, and that's what wins ball games. If we fix our OL problems (which is a huge if) our offense will be good enough to win if our D can create a couple turnovers a game.

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I agree. wtf is with all the zone coverages when Dunta is nowhere near his man every single play, and CUTLER is shredding our secondary? If Grimes plays zone so well design plays with zone and man coverage. Have Dunta play man and Grimes play zone. I mean I know I'm not the coordinator but gosh, this ridiculousness has got to stop. I still don't understand why we didn't bench Dunta and put in Hayden, at least just for the remainder of that game... just to try it. It couldn't have gotten worse on that side of the field.

I like Van Gorder when I see him in person. He's an intense guy and looks/sounds like a great coach for the defense, but the plays he calls.... smh

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