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On Saturday if you would have told me that we would turn the ball over 3 times, have 9 penalties, we could not or would not block ANYBODY, and nor could be takcle ANYBODY I would have said that we would get Our AZZ HANDED TO US. SO whats the big deal PEOPLE. Its not like the Bears are a better team we just did a excellent JOB and kicking our OWN AZZ. But we do have to make a couple of changes to contend. First MM or BVG has to go PERIOD. At least we got to get rid of one of them. They are killing us out there. Secondly, we need more vocal team leaders to start getting in people's face and demanding more effort. Thirdly, this zone defense is getting us killed. If we keep BVG at least change this horrible zone defense that we are playing. Lastly we have to start making in game adjustments to counter what teams are doing to us. I mean I know we were down yesterday but if you see that the Bears were only rushing 4 people, why not start running the ball. I mean its not like we were playing the Packers or Saints, it the Bears. Or maybe even throw some screens which leads me back to my first point. MM HAS to GO NOW. That stuff might have worked in the 90's but it is not working now. I still think we can make it to the playoffs this year, wear anything can happen but if we do not make these changes we can't win a Superbowl. And oh yeah WHAT DA **** WAS Dunta,Spoon, and EDWARDS doing yesterday.

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