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Sundays game


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In sunday's game there was very very few bright spots. Abe played a very good game. Curtis lofton played a very good game. Kroy Biermann played a very good game. Tony G played well, as did matt bryant. **************************************** brent grimes played ok, shoulda came away with two interceptions though. *************************************** turner one big run, not much else. Did catch a few passes ************************************* julio looked decent, didn't get to see much ****************************************** Sean Weatherspoon he should be wearing #50, because he looks absolutely amazing half the time, and the other half he looks like an idiot out there. I think he can be great but he has to learn from his mistakes. ************************************** Eric Weems... What in the world was he doing out there today? He cost us a lot of field position. He let 2 punts go that he shouldn't of and really pinned us deep, then brought a kickoff out that was a terrible decision, he played awful ************************************* Roddy dropped a few passes, wouldn't of really mattered cause he was short of the first down anyways. ****************************************** Matt Bosher is awful for kickoffs, we need to be able to kick it out of the endzone just like every other team with some consistency. ****************************************** the o line.... Pathetic, absolutely pathetic. Ryan has about 1.5 seconds to throw the ball, that's not gonna work. I'm surprised ryan didn't get hurt. ****************************************** offensive play calling.... Idk I don't think it would of mattered with how bad the oline was. I guess a screen or two maybe. **************************************** defensive play calling/ scheme. I hate it. It is absolutely pitiful. How many times do we have to drop back 30 yards and let them catch the ball infront of us on 3rd and 15??? What good is that doing???? This team isn't going anywhere till we start figuring out a better D than that. Period ***************************************** tackling ..... Horrific, looked like a middle school team out there ***************************************** Ray Edwards???? What happened to him? He was absent today, 30 million dollar bench warmer??? Not good. **************************************** like it or not that's a few things I seen today. Not pleased and kinda embarrassed we looked that bad. I hope we can turn it around and I think we can. We got a long way to go. (Sorry about the format, I did this off my phone)

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