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Player talent and coaching has reached its potential with this team

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The hard truth about this team is our player talent and coaching has reached its potential and that potential isn't better than the best teams. THERE IS NO WAY THIS OFFENSE O DEFENSE CAN COMPETE WITH UPPER ESCHELON TEAMS WITH STATUS QUO. It's not going to happen. To take another step the team will need to upgrade its coaching staff...particularly Offensive and defensive coordinators OR make drastic changes to its schemes. Again the Falcons players talent and coaching has met its potential...drastic changes are needed to improve and become an upper eschelon team; otherwise we will just repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Philly and Baltimore realized this and took action during the off season and all good programs do the same (I.e. Patriots)

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I get whats being said but we are still a young team over all. Also we did defeat the packers last year as well. We defeated some tough teams last year. We hang with the saints twice a year and for as long as i remember, those games can go either way no matter who is the better team on paper (1 of the best rivalries in the NFL).

We are young and talented, but this year is gonna be a grind and it started fast with no off season. We had alot of oline FA`s and are lucky we didnt lose more of them. That could have been a real bad thing as we saw today. We need our oline and ovie.

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