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It's just preseason...........................

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Can we officially eliminate the phrase, "it's just preseason"? Falcons apologists are way too quick to dismiss obvious issues that come up in the preseason then say.......relax, it's just preseason, it doesn't matter. Preseason does matter and it gives good insight to the possible issues that face the team. Granted, the starters don't see extended time but you can make solid judgements based off the time they are on the field. Just a few observations from this preseason have now permeated into the regular season.

1.) Matt Bosher does not have an NFL caliber leg.

2.) The secondary is second rate at best and will be ripped by all upper echelon QB's.

3.) Tackling is and continues to be a fundamental deficiency which the coaching staff either is incapable of fixing or does not regard it as an issue.

4.) Play calling, play calling, play calling......(Dead Horse, I know)

5.) Depth: other than at d-line, there is a substantial drop off in quality from first to second string. Some may say that this is the case with most teams but I contend that it is even more substantial with the Falcons.

I'm not jumping ship or anything but rather I'm pointing out the fact that you can derive legitimate concerns from the preseason and the 0-4 preseason definitely exposed the same things that were obvious today.

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