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Get ready for another loss next week against philly


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I don't understand why half of these people are on the boards if you dont like the Falcons why waste your time go do something else am I right?

Exactly. 11 at night doing stupid stuff.

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hahahaa losers

The last I checked Michael Vick hasn't played in any significant games either (Lost to Philly in the division playoffs in 2002, also lost to Philly in the NFC Championship in 2004, and the Wild card game to the Packers). Do you see what I'm getting at troll? Mike has NEVER led a team to a Super Bowl and will be running for his life against a very angry Falcons defensive line this Sunday :angry: .

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Atlanta you have a qb that can put up number that is it...he is a winner but he can win big games...this is a guy that lost to kolb our backup last year....vick will destroy the falcons biggrin.gif

I don't know you, but I can say that I'm ashamed for you.Go back to school. If you're out of school, ask Vick for a loan so you could go back. God knows you need it.
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