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The Game Plan Advisor-Brian "harold" Billick


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We have no plan to attack other teams weaknesses,

or ever adjust to what is happening.

If the standard plays dont work- :blink:

we keep running them, anyway

Anyway, I'll get to the point!

Hire your brother-in-law Mike Smith

just to go over the Game plan,

before the Each game!

It would be great to have him help with mid game Adjustments too!

Dont U think he cant U atleast call him once in a while?

Brian "Harold" Billick- Teacher of Football 101


Give him a few Bills to be

Atlanta Falcons Game Plan Coordinator/Adivisor

(Offense/Defense/St/Cheers for Cheerleaders/Everything~)

Dont U want to win it now?

He has a Ring and he did it with the worst QB in the history of winning it~

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I like billick. I don't understand either why smutty doesn't go to his brother in law more for advice. I mean, he happens to have one of those rings that all teams (with the exception of the raiders (yeah, I went there)) are hoping to win.

You do understand that Smitty has 'one of those rings' too.

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