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Tied for 1st place


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Yea...today sucked...time to get over it and move on to the next one...Everyone in our division lost this week so we are still tied for 1st place...the season is not lost and i am excited to get hayden and sanders involved.

As bad as we played, we didn't lose any ground in the NFC South...Hope we get it together before next Sunday. I, for one, think we will.

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agreed. I can't remember this team, under the current regime, having two consecutive bad games

I might be splitting hairs here, but do our last two games not count? Yes, I know they were split by an entire off-season (so I DO see your point, and we have almost always bounced back), but whoever said that we started up today precisely the same way we left off last season was spot-on.

We CAN beat the Eagles, there's no doubt in my mind. But we have a LOT to tighten up to make that happen and to start playing like the Smith-era Falcons again.

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Week 1 last season was somewhat similar to today's game...No offensive Touchdowns and we looked sloppy in a lot of phases. We rebounded that performance by going out the next week and putting up 41 points. Yes, if you go back to the playoff game and count the first game of this season that is technically consecutive games but i let that slide seeing as there was an entire off-season in between. We just need to get through these first 5 games in a position that keeps us in contention

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