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This was a game for the trolls

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You got what you want. Now, sleep on it. Choke on it if you like. I was past this game half way through the 4th quarter. To the real fan, keep your heads up.

Great post homer fudd. But an even nicer picture. Your picture embedding skills rival the Falcons O-Line in talent and ability.


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I actually wanted a Win.

you get negged for saying you wanted a win... lol that is the perfect reason for dumping this stupid rating system.

I wanted a win too... even in preseason... I got negs for that too.

the fact is the team looked confused today. But see your not supposed to say that... your supposed to make excuses up to game sixteen and then say ... keep your head up.. we can always win next year... i have been hearing that since the 60's..

its a long time to be negged for wanting a win.


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This team is making trolls out of some very long-time fans. But of course anything less than mindless, ******** homerism is unacceptable no matter how bad the team embarrasses itself game after game after game, right?

Please post less. Way less. Like never.

What a paper thin fan. Feel free to join the bandwagon again after we start winning.

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I didn't have to neg you. I suppose that you can do better than any of those guys?

Does it matter if I can or can not do better than them? As I'm typing right now Cam Newton is doing better, but WTF does that have to do with what our team did today. Never will I be ok with losing, because I'm not a loser. I'll always support this team, but I'm not going to look down my nose at people who are disgusted by what they saw today.

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