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Zone Coverage

root down

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I see this problem alot in zone coverage Especially with the Falcons in 3rd and long.

players drop into thier zone but they act like they are trapped by an invisible force field. A WR cuts across their face in the DB/S/lber face, and they do nothing.... then the WR catchs the ball a sec later wide open. WTH

Correct me if I'm wrong. Isn't zone coverage just a general Man. Everyone goes to an "area" as their inital assignment instead of going with a specific player. But once a threat presents itself in your area, the DB should react as if that is his "man", by getting between the WR and the QB. Then if the WR continues up field, more than say 5yds, the WR is entering the zone behind the original DB, and the Deeper DB sees this and engages to take the WR.

All I see is people standing around letting receivers sit in the open and make catches.

What is the Point! The way the Falcons play zone seems like making plays on the ball is not aloud. Either Coaches don't know how to explain, teach zone, or the players are incompetent. Or the scheme is being played as coached and the coaches should be fired b/c it does not ever work.

This is the bain of 3rd down success against us.

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Our players have very little zone awareness. They drop to their zones then like you said turn into to statues. No reaction or anticipation when a threat presents itself. They also don't trust each other fully. They all want to make a play then end up leaving their zone because they see something else that could pose a problem.

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IIt's a zone there assignments if he pulls from his assignment and gives up a TD or stupid huge play then ur crying in zone u plague your zone its up to the defensive coordinator to fallow the right scheme to put the corners in the right spot to play the short and more consistant pass plays a team does its called game planning

And we need to get that right ASAP or we ain't gone make it

Let's go falcons

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