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Impact Player Sunday


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Michael Turner will have 100 yards rushing and then all you morons who wanted to trade him will be eating your words.

Defense-Beirman is going to sneak in and have a good day, i know he don't start but i bet he will see the field and i bet when he does great things will come.

My Surprise player-That new kicker we got, i don't know his name-he will have a 50-60 yard punt and pin the bears deep and beirman will get a safety :P

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If you go by stats from last season then Jay Cutler is going to be lucky to survive this game after getting sacked several times.

Whatever happens, based on where da Bears ended up last season winning their division and the Falcons winning their division, we should know right from game one how we stand and if there are areas on the team that need more work.

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