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Listening to Costas and Goddell

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I finally figured out who the entity pushing so hard for the 18 game schedule was. It became VERY clear in the interview with Costas and Goddell. It certainly ain't the players or the coaches, they've made their wishes known. It really isn't the fans, most feel that the season is long enough with playoffs...etc. The only thing the ticket holders complain about is paying full price for exhibitions. Which is a valid point. But as a 40 year ST holder I STILL prefer that to 18 games. The season is perfectly balanced as is.

It isn't even really the owners. They are already getting full price and their star players are priceless commodities that can't be overused. So if all those parties are against it, why would the league be for it? The truth is they really aren't, their MASTERS are. Yes...it became VERY obvious the way Costas threw out those leading questions...I present to you the guilty party ladies and gentleman of the jury. They are known most commonly as.......THE NETWORKS.

TV stands to make a HUGE increase in revenue on an 18 game schedule.

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if it ain't broke don't fix it. im not the biggest fan of 4 preseason games but i understand that the 3's and 4's need time out there for coaches to give a full evaluation. i wouldn't scream for 2 games due to that but paying full price for the 4th preseason game is awful.

let's get a little bit of history under our belts before we have to re-write all the records again. rushing for 1k yards is good but doesn't hold the weight it used to at only having to avg. 63 yards a game. if we add 2 more games start kissing away the mystique of 2k yards and we will have to work on new records again.

just leave it how it is, the nfl is going to make a killing money wise regardless.

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