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Time To Change History

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I heard that to. Things tend to change from time to time.

streaks are meant to be broken..in 2007 Oak played Kc after losing 15 div games in a row, and 9 in a row to kc, they beat the chiefs

detroit had 26 straight road losses, finally won one at tb who were in playoff contention

the Browns finally beat Pitts in 09..one day Buffalo will finally beat New England..their on 15 losses in a row

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It would be nice to repeat the division since there hasn't been one in the NFC south. (at least that's what I was thinking looking at the title)

everyone thought the Saints were guaranteed to repeat last year, lmfao

but in all seriousness, the South trends are declining, and I think this may be the year a team finally repeats

from 02-07, it was always worst to first..Panthers broke that in 08, but Atlanta made the playoffs..then in 2010,2 trends broke...up until then every team that finished last made the POs the next year, and no div. winner returned to the playoffs

Saints returned though they didn't win it, TB missed

it still remains that every last place team has had a winning season the next year, but Carolina may break that..Atlanta may break the no repeats as champs trend also

nowadays it seems like Atl and No are in a league above Car and Tb, so that makes trends likely to end

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