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Who will be the break out player this week?


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I'm just curious who you all think will have a big game this week. The safe answer IMO would be Matt Ryan, but I'm going outside the box. I'm predicting a surprise break out player to be Quizz this week. My thinking is we jump out to an early lead, plus Turner typically struggles against defenses like Chicago. I'm thinking Turner goes between 50-60 yards on Sunday, and maybe a TD. But I'm also thinking we'll gash them w/ Quizz in the 2nd half, as their D keys in on Turner. I can see him picking up big gains on draws and dare I say screens against this D. I'm predicting Quizz comes away on Sunday w/ a stat line something like 6 carries for 40-50 yds and 3-4 catches for 30-40 yds. I'm thinking not a ton of touches, but big averages from Quizz that helps pick up 3rd down conversions and keep the chains and clock moving.

Your thoughts...

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Ray Edwards....He is more than familiar with lining up against the Bears....the Bear O-line leaks like a made-in-Taiwan diaper and Ray's anxious to make a big splash in his first game for the Falcons.

Ray Edwards.

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:wub: man, Sunday cannot get here quick enough folks... My gut reaction was HD. But do you really think they will be able to contain Julio??? No way one guy keeps him blanketed.

This is going to be amazing. Wow, teams have some serious issues dealing with our top 3 WR's BIGTIME.

I will go out on a limb and use the F word!!! (not what u think he he)

I think our O will be one of the most FEARED in all of football.

LASTLY... It is vitally important with this potent offense that Matt Ryan turns over a new leaf and STARTS THE GAME OFF QUICKLY by being on time and in sync!!! If he has to throw some routes just before kickoff, so be it... Every snap at the beginning of a game is critical and must not be wasted!!! Too much talent to waste on getting in rythem right?

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