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Who Will Be This Years Whipping Boy (Part I)


Whipping boy (Part I)   

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  1. 1. What coach will be under the most pressure to "get it done"!

    • K. Armstrong - Special Teams
    • M. Mularkey - Offensive CO
    • B. VanGorder - Defensive CO
    • M. Smith - Head Coach
    • T. Robiskie - WR Coach

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Mike Smith - Head Coach

How can you blame the coordinators and not blame the head man in charge who works directly over them and with them? How many times have oganizations rid themselves of their coordinators and not rid themselves of the head coach (unless said named coordinators went on to become head coaches or what not)? If I am going to blame any coordinator/assistant coach, etc, then I am going to look at the head coach, too. The head coach is the general and his coordinators are his colonels. He hands down the orders to what he wants to see installed as far as team philosophy and his colonels carry it out as they best see fit.

If a unit is not ran well, the man in charge giving the orders should be looked upon for answers.

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this one was tough for me because BVG most likely the one that will be the whipping boy but armstrong IMO deserves it. I will give bosher a break until after the first game but giving the other team great field position and giving up punt and kick off returns for touchdowns is way more annoying to me but thats just my opinion.

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The easy answer is BVG--our pass rush must show improvement and generate pressure/sacks, our secondary must become top-10 in the league vs. the pass. IMHO, the scrutiny will be directed toward any and/or all of these areas during the season:

If the offense, now stocked with an arsenal of weapons for Matt Ryan, fails to execute/score points.

If special teams allows KO/Punt returns to burn us with terrible field position and/or allow TD's, and if our new kicker can't perform like Koenan did. Matt Bryant needs to continue his steady consistency and not fold the way Elam did.

Ever since TD and Smitty got here, they've talked about 'The Process' and we've watched greatly improved play (in general) and three winning seasons in succession, albeit without a single playoff win. If the team doesn't take the next step in 'the process' (e.g.-another winning record, division title (or wild-card playoff berth at the minimum), winning playoff games/seriously competing for the Super Bowl) the entire fan base will focus the magnifying glass on everyone who is part of the Falcons leadership.

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Mike Mularkey had better get some efficiency and dominance out of this offense. The OL needs to get settled first but when McClure comes back and Johnson undoubtedly takes over RG, this offense needs to start moving the ball. To be fair, they said that even the packers scored about 14 points a game in 3 contests against the bears last year. We scored 6 though. We played a heck of a defense. lets see how we fare against a couple other teams. Unfortunately for us, their two strongest DL(Peppers and Melton) were matched up against our weakest.(Baker and Reynolds/Hawley)

I think the other major issue was the number of blown coverages by our zone defense. We brought in Sanders and Hayden who will very likely take over for DeCoud and Owens if they continue to let recievers run wide open like that. If the newbies fare no better then the secondary coach should be on the hot seat.

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